Mounted Field Sprayer - AGROZENIT

Field Sprayer

Field Sprayer 400 Lt. / Field Sprayer 500 Lt.
Field Sprayer 600 Lt. / Field Sprayer 800 Lt.
Mounted to the tractor on three points linkage
Operated through the P.T.O. shaft of the tractor
Fiberglass or polyethylene tank  / Self filling system
The filter can be cleaned any time  / Hydraulic agitator
Field spray boom 6 -12 mt. / 3 membrane pump 
Tank Material :Polyethylene - Fiberglass
Capacity (lt)  :400-500-600-800
Boom Length (mt) :6-8-10-12
Nozzle Types Brass: One Way Plastic - Three Ways Plastic

About Us

We are one of the largest farm equipment companies in Turkey. We are always looking for new ways how to improve our business,how to be more effective. We are constantly looking for new partnership oppurtunities,new customers. Strive to become a reliable partner for our customers. We are open to various cooperation proposals and we believe we can have fruitful business together. Agrozenit Farm Machinery offers a full range of; Hay Rake, Rotary Rake, Rotary Drum Mower, Disc Mower, Fertilizer Spreader, Big Bag Lifter, Multi Disc Harrow, Field Cultivator, Field Sprayer, Garden Sprayer, Potato Planter, Potato Harvester, Seed Drill, which are distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide. We supply our products with AGROZENIT FARM EQUIPMENT brand, providing farm equipment to meet the farmers' demands. If you are interested for our companys products and for further serve Please feel free to send us your feedback.


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